Grizzly eating soapberries Denali National Park 5 photos - lwpetersen photography

Grizzly eating soapberries in Denali National Park - 5 photos

This was a remarkable day, even for Denali National Park standards. My wife, Kate and I had never done any of the bus tours into the park and had never been past mile 30 on the Park Road. Mile 30 is near the Teklanika River and is only open to the public for a brief window before the tourist season begins. With Kate's parents in town it seemed perfect to take a tour early in their summer vacation all the way out to Wonder Lake at mile 90 (Kantishna Experience). Right around mile 30 on our way back from this ten hour tour we came across this blonde grizzly eating soapberries right on the side of the road and stopped to watch for about 15 minutes. It was really spectacular, the bear acted as if we weren't even there.

Some people take park tours and never see a bear. I've only seen one black bear while hiking in the park before. On this day we saw 26 grizzlies and, if my memory is correct, around 10 cubs. I'm writing up a short little story about this day - but for now there are some more pictures in the gallery: 2011-07-22

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