Most of the photos on this website are available as prints in a wide range of products from paper prints, fine art prints on exhibit fiber, and ready to hang options like stretched canvas, float metal, and acrylic metal prints. To see print and size options for a particular photo, click the "Buy" button on the lower right corner of the photo.

Photos are not signed, not watermarked, and can be printed in a huge variety of different formats and sizes. Please be aware that many aspect ratios may require cropping at checkout. If you would like a signed print, please contact me by e-mail - delivery times will typically be 3-4 weeks and there is usually an additional shipping fee.

Prints are made by Bay Photo Lab, based in Scotts Valley. In addition to standard paper prints, a number of ready-to-hang options are available including (click for info): 

Giclée Canvas

Float Metal Prints

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