Most of the photos on this website are available as prints in a wide range of products from paper prints, fine art prints on exhibit fiber, and ready-to-hang options like stretched canvas, float metal, and acrylic metal prints. To see print and size options for a particular photo, click the "Buy" button on the lower right corner of the photo. I highly suggest starting with my Portfolio Page to find some of my best work.

Photos are not signed, not watermarked, and can be printed in a huge variety of different formats and sizes. Please be aware that many aspect ratios may require cropping at checkout. If you would like a signed print, please contact me by e-mail - delivery times will typically be 3-4 weeks and there is usually an additional shipping fee.

Prints are made by Bay Photo Lab, based in Scotts Valley. In addition to standard paper prints, a number of ready-to-hang options are available including (click for info): 

Giclée Canvas

Float Metal Prints

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