Lee Petersen Photography

Lee Petersen Photography offers prints and wall art of nature images. Lee is based in Fairbanks, Alaska and primarily photographs landscapes and wildlife, but gets caught up in numerous other photography projects.

Hi, I'm Lee and this is my photography page. Photography has been a serious hobby of mine since I purchased my first SLR 20 years ago, built a darkroom in my bathroom after high school, and sequestered the bathtub for developing chemicals and trays. I was late to jump on the digital photo bandwagon, but I'm here now still having fun despite my hands not smelling like chemicals anymore.

I spent a good deal of time in my life working as a rock climbing instructor and in outdoor retail. I'm still passionate about climbing, backpacking, skiing, and just being in the outdoors. 

My education is in physics. I was at the University of Alaska studying a nearby glacier. We were looking at the interaction of a large tributary with the main trunk of the glacier and how it influences the motion of the glacier (along with a bunch of other cool stuff like giant glacial lakes draining catastrophically). Before that, I was at the University of New Hampshire where I worked with a different kind of camera on a satellite called IBEX which images electronically neutral atoms arriving at Earth's orbit from interstellar space. My thesis involved using data collected from that instrument to determine the ratio of oxygen to neon in interstellar space. It was really cool.

After living with my wonderful wife, Kate and our cat and dog in this thing called a dry cabin with no running water in Fairbanks for six years, we finally upgraded to a house with a water holding tank and indoor plumbing, no outhouse! 

A few of my photos have been featured on NPR’s The Picture Show, The Matador Network, as an Earth Science Picture of the Day, in the Journal of Arts & Communities, the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, and a few other places. I have a blog to document the places I go, nights with good aurora, and a few tutorials.

Thanks for visiting and letting me share my experiences with you!

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